Elanco’s Press Release on Seresto Collars

Many of our clients rely on Seresto Flea & Tick Collars to prevent fleas and ticks on their pets.  Several news outlets have written articles citing bad and misleading information about Seresto Collars.  Dr. Guidry looked into these allegations and deemed this information inaccurate and not true.  Veterinarians across the United States have networked via the internet to monitor for Seresto Collar reactions.  Besides irritation at the collar area, there were none.  Here is a letter we received from the company regarding their product, Seresto Collar.   Seresto Collars are safe.  However, as with any product we sell or recommend, we continue to monitor for any problems and you will be the first to know if we have any concerns.

Dr. Guidry and the team at Animal Care Hospital 

Press Release

We want to make you aware that Elanco Animal Health and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced that EPA, with support from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), completed its comprehensive, multi-year review of the Seresto® flea and tick collar. EPA confirms continued registration of the collar. Comprehensive data affirms the safety profile of Seresto.

EPA’s conclusions found that the most frequently reported incidents were primarily dermatologic in nature, such as itching or redness around the collar site, which is consistent with previous findings. Since its launch in 2013, the reporting rate for all incidents related to Seresto has been low and trending downward. In 2022, the estimated incidence of adverse events in the U.S. following exposure to Seresto was approximately 0.116%, which equates to approximately 1 animal with a reported adverse event for every 1,000 collars distributed in the U.S., the majority of which relate to non-serious events such as itching or redness localized at the collar application site.

Elanco and EPA developed a stewardship program that is expected to raise the bar for the flea and tick collar category. Providing safe products for pets and the people that love them is a top priority at Elanco. We work tirelessly to ensure that pet owners and veterinarians have access to technology to safely kill and repel fleas and ticks that transmit disease and can impact a pet’s quality of life.

We appreciate EPA’s diligence during this data-driven review process, resulting in a clear outcome and continued product availability to protect pets and human health. Numerous studies, detailed pharmacovigilance data analyses, and expert evaluations from Pet Poison Helpline and others overwhelmingly support the safety of the product. The American Veterinary Medical Association has expressed support for Seresto’s continued registration.

EPA’s conclusions come at a critical time. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that tickborne disease cases have increased significantly since 2011 and the need for Seresto has never been greater. Thank you for your continued support.

With my sincere thanks,
Bobby Modi, EVP U.S. Pet Health