Cat and Dog Boarding in Lafayette, LA

At Animal Care Hospital, we’ve created a cat and dog boarding space in Lafayette, LA that truly takes individual comfort and well-being into account. Like you, we would only leave our own pets in the care of people we trust, and we aim to be those very people for you and other pet parents in and around Lafayette.

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Personal Attention for Every Guest

Animal Care Hospital boards a limited number of guests. This is to ensure that every guest receives the individual attention they deserve.

Dog Boarding in Lafayette, LA

Dog Boarding in Lafayette: What to Expect

Routine is important for keeping your pet comfortable. The daily agenda for our canine guests includes:

  • Starting the day with fresh food and water in clean bowls
  • Enjoying playtime outside in our fenced-in yard
  • Ball or frisbee games, running, or relaxation in the sun

Other features of our dog boarding service include:

  • Kennels with elevated areas for sleeping
  • Outdoor runs/kennels that include fans and misters to keep dogs cool on hot days
  • A climate-controlled environment
  • Individual attention from our staff in addition to 1-on-1 playtime outside

Features of Cat Boarding in Lafayette

Cats get to stay in comfy double condos, which include a separate space for their litterbox. To give your feline family member the comfort of routine, their daily agenda consists of:

  • Beginning the morning with fresh food, water, and a condo cleaning
  • Time to stretch out and sunbathe and play by our picture window
  • Observing our 100-gallon aquarium for visual enrichment
  • Playing with toys and our Certified Cat Friendly staff

Our cat boarding wing is completely separate from the dog boarding wing, and is also soundproof so your feline can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Cat Boarding in Lafayette, LA
Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Lafayette: Dog Under Blanket

Getting Ready for Your Pet's Boarding Stay in Lafayette

Our pet boarding policies are simple:

  • First, make sure your pet is up-to-date on all of their required vaccinations. If you need to check with us to see if your pet is due for anything, please do!
  • Second, when you pack your pet’s food and medications, be sure to keep medications in their original containers (with clear instructions) with their full name written or attached where we can see it. This way we can keep all your pet’s things together.
  • Third, feel free to bring a few small items to help your pet feel more at home during their boarding stay. This includes a favorite toy, blanket, and/or treats.

Before You Schedule an Appointment

Is your pet current with their vaccinations? They should have these core vaccines:

Dogs: DA2LPP, RV (rabies), and Bordetella

Cats: FVRCP and RV (rabies)

Be they canine or feline, we care about keeping your pet healthy and protecting the health of our other guests and staff members. Also, we recommend that you make a list (if necessary) of the services you want for your pet.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (337) 981-0909! Fill out the boarding form below to book your pet's stay.