Pet Surgery Services

We do a wide variety of surgeries for our patients at Animal Care Hospital in Lafayette. We also have a board-certified surgeon who can perform almost any procedure that is needed. One way we set ourselves apart is that Dr. Guidry schedules a set number of surgeries per day to ensure that every patient receives individualized care from start to finish. This is in keeping with our commitment to treating every pet like they’re our own.

Consult with Dr. Guidry about your pet’s upcoming surgery or schedule a follow-up visit today.

How We Keep Your Pet Safe

Your pet’s safety is as much our concern as it is yours. We have a thorough process in place for surgery preparation and making sure your pet is healthy before we do anything else.

  • Prior to surgery, we use our in-house lab to screen for health problems such as anemia, infections, diabetes, liver or kidney issues, bleeding disorders, and endocrine diseases. This creates a higher margin of safety for all patients, younger and older.
  • If your pet has not seen their vet within the last two months, we need to do an exam that includes:
    • Heart rate check
    • Respiratory rate check
    • Perfusion test (rate at which blood is delivered to tissue)
    • Pulse and pulse quality
    • Hydration status
    • Heart murmur check
  • Your pet is connected to monitoring equipment that can alert us to any changes in their condition almost instantly. We also have a technician monitoring your pet at all times during their surgery.
Puppy is unhappy about having to wear the cone of shame after surgery
Cat wearing blue protective buster collar looking

Pain Management

After safety, pain control is our next highest priority. Pain can make post-op recovery a challenge for pets, and slow down the recovery process. That’s why patients receive pain control based on their weight before, during, and after surgery. We can also send pets home with oral medication to ease their recovery.

Additional Services Pets Can Receive During Surgery

Our hospital can also provide ancillary services to your pet while they’re having surgery. That way, you will not have to schedule separate appointments. Nail trimming, anal gland expression, microchipping, and removal of deciduous (baby) teeth can all be done while your pet is in surgery.

"Amazing staff. Very kind hearted and caring staff. I highly recommend Animal Care Hospital."

- Donna V.

"In all my years of being a pet owner I have never met a Veterinarian as nice as Dr. Guidry. His staff is awesome!"

- Sarah L.

"They truly care about the treatment and wellness of your pet. I always feel welcome and comfortable over there and secure that my baby will be taken care of."

- Sandy H.

"ACH is the BEST as far as personal veterinary and other services goes. Dr. G is very thorough in his care and expects no less from his personnel."

- Camille L.

"AWESOME experience!! I feel very confident with Dr. Guidry and his staff. I know my puppy is in good hands."

- Janice A.

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