Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in Lafayette, LA

At Animal Care Hospital in Lafayette, it’s important that we not only treat your pet but get to know them (and you) as well as we can. Understanding their personality and needs and being aware of your circumstances gives us a firm foundation for building your pet’s wellness care program. Every appointment is personalized and dedicated to helping you care for your pet to the best of your ability.

Whether they're young, old, or somewhere in between, your pet needs routine health checkups.

Why We Recommend Annual Exams

An exam is a priceless tool for determining your pet’s health and detecting subtle changes that could lead to something bigger. We can then use our findings to help guide you in making the best decisions for their pet care, whether that includes treatment for an existing problem or additional preventative measures. Cat or dog healthcare and wellness care generally includes these services:

  • A thorough, nose-to-tail examination
  • Blood and fecal testing to check for infections, diseases, and parasites
  • Vaccinations to increase your pet’s immunity to different diseases
  • Administering parasite prevention to your pet
  • Answering any questions you have and asking questions of our own about your pet’s diet, activity level, and daily habits

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Microchipping Keeps Pets and Their Families Together

Microchipping is a fast, painless, no-sedation-required procedure that helps you and your pet stay connected if they go missing. A microchip provides permanent identification for your pet and when scanned, reveals your name and registered contact information.