Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Lafayette, LA

To keep your pet’s teeth pearly white, they need to receive daily dental care at home and see our team for regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Our goal is to help your pet avoid painful conditions like gingivitis and dental disease, which can directly affect their overall systemic health. If your pet has an infection in their mouth, in time it will create a domino effect of secondary problems like diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Call (337) 981-0909 to schedule a cat or dog teeth cleaning!

Our Daily At-Home Dental Recommendations

Ideally, your pet’s dental treatment should start as soon as you adopt them into your family. We recommend:

  • A CET oral rinse
  • Brushing the teeth
  • OraVet chews (for dogs only)
  • A dental health diet for plaque and tartar control

By committing to daily dental care for your pet, you’re saving them from the pain and stress of gum infections, loose teeth, dental disease, and other issues that can lower their quality of life.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning in Lafayette, LA
Cat Teeth Cleaning in Lafayette, LA

Dental Services We Provide

At Animal Care Hospital, we offer a full range of cat and dog teeth cleaning services to help maintain our patients’ oral health for as long as possible. This includes an oral exam that we recommend every 6 months from Dr. Guidry, along with a complete dental health restoration cleaning once a year. Our team gives individual attention to every pet at every step of their procedure, from exam to post-dental consultation.

  • Examination of the teeth and gums
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Polishing
  • Full-mouth dental X-rays
  • Post-dental consultation

After your pet’s dental health restoration cleaning and before their discharge, we’ll meet with you to discuss our findings and recommendations, and provide you with a take-home dental kit.

Our Pre-Dental Safety Protocol

A dental health restoration cleaning must be done while the patient is under anesthesia to ensure a thorough, high-quality teeth cleaning. We also strongly recommend pre-dental blood work to screen pets for infection, anemia, and kidney or liver problems. The kidneys and liver break down the anesthesia and flush it out of the body later, so we want to make sure that those organs are functioning properly.


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