Spay and Neuter for Cats & Dogs in Lafayette, LA

Spaying and neutering are required by law in 32 states, and we hope more states follow suit. One of the most important things you can do for your pet in their first year is to have them spayed or neutered. At Animal Care Hospital in Lafayette, we’re aware of the consequences that result when dogs and cats are allowed to breed without limit. This increases stray animal populations and puts a significant strain on local shelters, resulting in more homeless pets.

Spay and Neuter in Lafayette: Woman Carrying Puppy

Spaying and Neutering Dogs & Cats Make Them Healthier and Better-Behaved

The benefits of spaying and neutering go beyond merely preventing unwanted pregnancies and litters. They can also make pets healthier and happier in the long run.


  • Spayed females will no longer have the ability to go into heat
  • They will be less at risk for mammary cancer
  • Uterine and ovarian cancers will no longer be a risk
  • Spayed females are far less likely to roam in search of a mate


  • Neutered males will likely be less aggressive, due to having lower testosterone levels
  • They are less likely to roam in search of a mate
  • Males will no longer be at risk for testicular cancer
  • They will also be less at risk for prostate problems
  • Behaviors like spraying, marking, and mounting are decreased/prevented entirely
Spay and Neuter in Lafayette: Kittens Laying On Blanket

It's More Cost-Effective to Spay and Neuter

Another significant benefit of spay and neuter surgeries is that they are far less costly than raising an unexpected litter of puppies or kittens, and then having to find homes for all of them. Raising healthy litters and seeing to their medical care takes time, money, and energy that you may not be able to spare.

When to Spay or Neuter Your Cat or Dog

It’s best to spay or neuter your pet sooner rather than later, but it also depends on their health, medical history, and other lifestyle factors. We want to make sure your pet is healthy and developing normally before recommending surgery.

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