We're a Cat Friendly Practice in Lafayette, LA

We would love to see our feline patients on a more regular basis, because they need consistent, lifelong care just like dogs do. As it stands, most cats do not see their veterinarian as often as they should, and we want to change that. At Animal Care Hospital, we have adopted Cat Friendly policies in order to make vet visits a little more relaxing for cats and give them the care they need (and deserve) for a healthy life.

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What We Do Differently

In order to be a Certified Cat Friendly Practice, our team members need to undergo training in all areas of cat-related care. This includes:

  • Using cat pheromones in cat-only exam rooms
  • Designating a separate wait area for cats and their owners
  • Applying special feline handling techniques to make treatment less stressful
  • Distracting patients with treats during treatment
  • Spraying towels and blankets with pheromones that we use for handling during exams
  • Examining cats in their carriers (if the top of the carrier is removable)

Overall, our goal is to make our hospital a feline-friendly environment, from our knowledgeable team to our thoughtfully-planned treatments and exam room arrangements.

Cat Friendly Practice in Lafayette, LA
Cat Friendly Practice in Lafayette, LA

Why We Chose to be Cat Friendly

In short, Cat Friendly Practices fulfill a need for better care for cats. Many cat owners avoid going to the vet because their cat becomes too fearful to handle, and they feel guilty for causing them stress. Others may feel that their cat seems perfectly healthy on the outside and therefore doesn’t need to see a vet.

In addition to making vet care easier for cats, we hope to educate more cat owners about the need for bringing their pets in once a year for a check up, vaccines, and other necessary treatments. These services will keep cats healthier for the long term.

Learn More

For more information about the Cat Friendly program, go to catvets.com. You are also more than welcome to give us a call if you want to know what to expect when you visit with your cat, or if you need tips on getting your cat into their carrier with minimal fuss.