Our Team

At Animal Care Hospital in Lafayette, we are not just here to treat your pet; we’re here to get to know them and be a trusted, reliable partner in their lifelong care. Nothing gives our veterinary staff more joy than seeing happy, healthy pets and clients willing to come to us with any concerns they have. We look forward to being a part of your family and welcoming you into ours!

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Dr. Mike Guidry, DVM

Michael R. Guidry DVM

Dr. Guidry was born and raised in New Iberia. He is the son of a hard-working family that owned an automotive, industrial and marine repair business. Although he worked in the family business, Dr. Guidry had already decided by age 4 that he wanted to work with animals. He knew one day he would get to live out his dream. Dr. Guidry and his father began to care for injured wild animals in 1988. They built large flight cages for birds of prey and housed other animals in temporary cages while they were cared for. Dr Guidry says, “The most rewarding part of the experience is watching the animals being released back into the wild. Most of the animals dart out of the release cage then take a minute to stop and turn to take one final look at you. They cannot talk, but I know they are saying thank you.” These early experiences set the foundation on which he built his career.

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Rose Practice Manager

I am originally from New Jersey. I have  a B.S. in psychobiology (animal behavior) and have been working in the veterinary field for over 30 years. I relocated to South Carolina after college and worked as the practice manager at a veterinary practice for 16 years before relocating to Louisiana.

The things I enjoy most about veterinary medicine are watching the patients grow up over the years, seeing a sick pet get better and go home, and being able to comfort a client when their beloved pet has gone over the “Rainbow Bridge.”

I share my home with my three fur babies: Jeauxie (a black Lab), Luna (a Golden Retriever mix), and Lil’ Bit (a Terrier mix), as well as a few barn cats. When not at work, I enjoy riding my 4-wheeler, hanging out with my Louisiana family, and binge-watching Netflix.


Lauren Veterinary Assistant

I was born and raised in Lafayette, LA. I graduated from STM and went on to earn my Practical Nursing License, while also getting CPR and IV certified. I have always had a passion for helping and being an advocate for animals. I have a mini Cocker Spaniel named Harley, a Great Dane named Duchess, and another Great Dane named Duke. During my time off, I enjoy gardening with my husband and playing outdoors with our son.