Emergency Vet in Lafayette, LA

No one should have to wait to be seen if their pet is having an emergency. At Animal Care Hospital, our team is prepared to take in pets with health emergencies during regular office hours for hospitalization, surgery, stabilization, and other services that are needed. You can also contact us after hours with your emergency pet care needs for instructions and directions to the nearest late-night emergency animal hospital. If your pet has a complex problem requiring a complex solution, we can refer you to a trusted specialist.


Call us at (337) 981-0909 if you think your pet needs emergency vet care in Lafayette, LA.

Don't Wait! if your pet is sick, injured, or ate something toxic, give us a call at (337) 981-0909

Is My Pet Really Having an Emergency?

No two emergencies are exactly alike. The important thing is recognizing when your pet isn’t feeling well and letting us know. That way, we can help you decide what to do next. It’s always better to be safe and check in with a licensed veterinarian, rather than assume your pet will be fine the next day.

For After Hours Emergency Veterinary Care in Lafayette

If your pet needs to be seen immediately in the after hours, we recommend the Lafayette Animal Emergency Clinic. They are available 24 hours on weekends, and are open all night during the week.

Emergency Vet in Lafayette, LA