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  • Michael R. Guidry, D.V.M.

    Dr. Guidry was born and raised in New Iberia. He is the son of a hard working family that owned an automotive, industrial and marine repair business. Although he worked in the family business, Dr. Guidry had already decided by age 4 that he wanted to work with animals. He knew one day he would get to live out his dream. Dr. Guidry and his father began to care for injured wild animals in 1988. They built large flight cages for birds of prey and housed other animals in temporary cages while they were cared for. Dr Guidry says, “The most rewarding part of the experience is watching the animals being released back into the wild. Most of the animals dart out of the release cage then take a minute to stop and turn to take one final look at you. They cannot talk, but I know they are saying thank you.” These early experiences set the foundation on which he built his career.

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  • Lynn Bourque - Practice Manager

    Lynn Bourque, our practice manager, has 3 decades of animal care experience. Lynn grew up on a farm so her love for animals started at a very early age. Lynn started her career in animal health as kennel manager of the Iberia Humane Society. From there she moved to Shreveport and became the kennel manager of Caddo Parish Animal Services. Her many years of experience and continued enthusiasm for the care of animal and people alike is evident by the joyful smile and excitement she brings to the office every day. Over the years, Lynn has completed numerous Animal Trainings at LSU Vet School, Certified in Animal CPR, Completion of the National Annual Veterinary Conference for Practice Management, and Animal Disease Recognition Seminars. Her most recent completion was the Veterinary Practice Management School in Colorado. Lynn was born in Montreal, Canada and she is fluent in French and English. She has 3 dogs, a Yorkie named Shay, a Collie named Jurnee, and an Aussie named Lexi. She also has a rescue cat named CC. She has a wonderful husband of 32 years, but still her greatest accomplishment is her very own 6 year old princess, her granddaughter. While employed at Animal Care Hospital Lynn has been certified in the following: AAHA Parasite Training, AAHA Microchip and Scanning Companion Animals, AAHA Flea Program Counseling, Vectra Certified, CET University School of Dental Health, The Veterinary Technician Role in the Procedure, The Fundamentals of Heartworm Infection, Proheart 6, Introduction to Dental Anatomy, Terminology, and pathology, IDEXX Co-Infections and Disease, IDEXX Understanding Parasites, IDEXX Communicates the Value of Preventive Care to cat owners, IDEXX the Prevent in Preventative Care Proves Early Detection, Fearfree Practice, Cat Friendly Practice, Bayer Advantage Multi and Seresto Certified, Purina Certified Pet Nutrient Consultant, Royal Canin Nurtition Advisor.

  • Desiree Dozier - Veterinary Assistant

    Desiree Dozier is a Veterinary Assistant at Animal Care Hospital. She is from the Quad Cities in Illinois. She has a 12-year-old Calico cat named Makayla, and an 8yr old Shih Tzu named Kitty. She earned a degree in Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy, that she obtained with a 4.0 GPA and was on the Dean's List at Remington College . When she's not working, Desiree enjoys water sports, 4 wheeling, traveling, skeet shooting, and cookouts with her family and friends. While employed at Animal Care Hospital Desiree has been certified in the following: AAHA Microchip and Scanning Companion Animals, AAHA Flea Counselor Program, IDEXX Communicates the Value of Preventive Care to Cat Owners, Bayer Advantage Multi and Seresto Certified, IDEXX The Prevent in Preventative Care proves Early Detection, IDEXX Itchy Patient How to Create a Successful Client Experiences, Fearfree Practice, Royal Canin Nurtition Advisor, and Fecal Analysis Workshop Training.

  • Hayley Cheyenne Hüg - Animal Care Specialist

    Hayley was born in San Antonio Texas but grew up in Lafayette LA. She graduated from Lafayette high school in 2016 and then moved onto SLCC for child and family studies. She has always had a passion for helping others whether that be with the elderly, special needs kids, or animals. She's even gone as far as bottle feeding baby rats and raccoons that we're found in her backyard. She has had many animals in her life, including a sugar glider. Her life now revolves around her shihtzu named Riley. He has her wrapped around his little finger, or 'paw'. Hayley has been certified in: Proheart 6, IDEXX bloodwork, Bayer Advantage Multi, and as a Royal Canin Nutrition Advisor.

  • Naomi Hebert - Receptionist

    Naomi was born and raised in Abbeville, Louisiana. She earned a degree in Dental/Ortho Assistant. She is a certified Royal Canin Nutrition Advisor. She has also previously worked in child care for three years. She has two precious fur babies. Bubbles who is a 6 year old American Bully Pit, and Scrubbs a 3 year old Border Collie. The dogs favorite time is spent with Naomi going to the beach and swimming and taking walks in the sand. When not working she enjoys music festivals, car shows & taking her dogs to the horse farm.

  • Madelyn "Maddie" Breaux - Animal Care Specialist

    Madelyn graduated in2015 from Acadiana High School, in high school Madelyn showed livestock(Brahmas and Brangus) in 4-H. Madelyn is currently attending LSU in Eunice and majoring in Ultrasonography. While attending college, Madelyn has been working with Veterinary Medicine for 2years. Madelyn's entire life she's lived on a farm where her and her parents raise Angus, Brangus, and Madelyn's 'pet' Brahma 'Pippy.' On Madelyn's free time she enjoys playing with her four pets. Elvis a white lab whose 13 years old and has been in with Madelyn more than half her life. Casey a Australian Shepherd, Ma'may a Yorkie,
    and Cenli Rae a Toy Australian Shepherd. Madelyn also loves to ride horses and being outdoors with her friends and family.

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  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
    John Doe / San Diego, CA

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