Pet Dental Health

More than just a cosmetic issue, yellow teeth and bad breath can be a sign of serious disease in our pets, which may affect their kidneys, livers, and hearts. Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets, with most dogs and cats becoming affected by age 2.

Don't turn your nose to Fido's or Fluffy's bad breath! That odor might signify a serious health risk, with potential to change not only your pet's teeth and gums but the internal organs as well. Dental health should be a daily ritual for pet owners all year long.


Dental Health Restoration Cleanings include, ultrasonic scaling, polish, examination of each tooth and gingival (gums),nail trims and free boarding. Dental Cleanings will also include a take home Dental Kit containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, Oravet chew, and a before and after dental photo of your fur baby. Dr. Guidry has a post dental cleaning consultation with each pet parent at pickup to go over exam findings ,x rays and post dental cleaning care.

Anesthesia is necessary to perform Dental Cleaning procedures, and it is our goal to provide your pet with the safest and most current anesthesia and surgery care. While under anesthesia your pet will receive individual attention before, during, and after the procedure and will recover in our ICU. When sedating patients Dr. Guidry highly recommends pre-anesthetic blood work to screen patients for abnormalities such as: anemia(s), infections, and kidney or liver problems. The kidney and liver are two organs responsible for breaking down anesthesia and help insure that your pet will wake up post surgery. Blood work can help determine the best anesthetic protocol and establish baselines for normal blood readings for your pet.

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs even though it's completely preventable!

As always ,we are committed to providing the BEST care for your furry family ,and we offer the most compassionate and up to date care available at a reasonable price.


Every 6 Months

Yearly or as Needed

  • CET Rinse
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Oravet Chew
  • Dental Health Food
  • Oral Exam by Dr. Guidry
  • Dental Health Restoration Cleaning

Come in today to our Lafayette, LA veterinary facility to have your pet's teeth cleaned. We are also located close to the Maurice area for your convenience.

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  • "Dr. Anderson has always gone above and beyond for the care of our family's pets for several years."
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