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Spay and Neuter Services at Animal Care Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Lafayette LA

Spaying and neutering your pets is a smart decision whether you adopted or bought your animals. The sooner these procedures are done, the better, as this prevents your pets from unnecessarily reproducing.

If you’re not sure where to go for this service, contact a Lafayette veterinary center like Animal Care Hospital. We will spay and neuter your pets.

Here’s everything you need to know about reproductive control for your pets.

spay and neuter procedure from your veterinarian in lafayette

Why Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered?

There are countless reasons to have your pets spayed or neutered by a Lafayette vet. We will now explain these more in-depth.

  • Legally mandatory: Depending on which state you call home, you may have no choice but to get your pet spayed or neutered. This is especially true if you plan on adopting an animal.
  • Behavior improvement in male animals: According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), male cats and dogs that are not neutered may have behavioral issues. By neutering your pets, you can prevent aggressiveness, unwanted mounting, and indoor urine spraying.
  • Behavior improvement in female cats: Female cats will go into heat, which is a time when they seek a mate. Their behavior may change, in that, they’ll urinate and mewl much more often. This behavior can last for days but can be prevented with spaying.
  • Fewer instances of runaway pets: This is again especially true in male pets. Cats and dogs alike eagerly seek a mate, which may mean leaving the house. Your pet may or may not come back. If you get your pets spayed and neutered, the urge to leave home lessens.
  • Reduced rates of prostate and testicular cancer in male pets: If you get your male cats and dogs neutered, you’re benefitting their health. They may be less likely to develop prostate and testicular cancer.
  • Reduced rates of breast tumors and uterine infections in female pets: Female dogs and cats also benefit. According to ASCPA, spaying cats reduces breast tumors and uterine infections by 90 percent. Spaying dogs reduce the chances of developing those conditions by 50 percent.
  • Prevent homeless pets: One of the biggest reasons to spay and neuter your pet is due to the number of homeless pets out there. Each time an animal reproduces, they contribute more to that population. These animals may end up euthanized because they’re not adopted.
  • Avoid having to raise puppies or kittens: If your pet does get pregnant, you will have to care for her throughout this process. You’ll also have to take care of her offspring until you can find proper homes for them. This is time-consuming and pricey.

About Animal Care Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Lafayette LA

If you want to get your pets spayed or neutered, contact us at Animal Care Hospital. We’re a Lafayette vet that offers many services. These include vaccinations, ultrasounds, pet surgery, euthanasia and hospice services, flea control, nutritional counseling, radiology, microchipping, pet boarding, and annual checkups.

Feel free to bring your pet in for urgent care in emergency situations. You can also schedule an appointment with us by calling 337-981-0909 or visiting us at Animal Care Hospital on 7034 Johnston Street.

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