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Flea Treatment

Any successful treatment requires fighting fleas on multiple fronts. WE must treat the source (animals) and the environment around us.

  • We recommend using a topical flea product on cats and dogs such as: Advantage Multi, Vectra, Frontline or Advantage. Don't be fooled for knock off brands found at grocery stores. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Successful treatment means treating our pets monthly and year around.
  • We MUST also control fleas in the environment. Fleas will only travel 3-4 feet if not hitch hiking on a person or animal. Therefore, use products that can broadcast on the ground such as a granule along fence lines. We must also consider stray cats, raccoons, mice/rats, and squirrels as "flea bags" as well. For this reason, we must spread fleas control where animals will hide in your yard to avoid rain or sleep. Examples include: under a deck, under shrubs, under/inside dog houses, under houses and under trees. WE advise seeking the help of a professional exterminator of finding a reputable feed store to help make decisions on treating the outside environment.

We don't want to think about this, but if our pets are coming inside, even if its just for short periods, they are leaving fleas behind. Fleas hop off pets lay eggs in carpets, bedding and our furniture. Vacuuming is a great ideas to lessen the number of fleas. Don't forget to throw the vacuum bag away. They can escape from the vacuum. Next we must treat our home. An exterminator is a good choice, but we must inform them that we are having a problem. If you decide to treat the house yourself, here are some helpful tips: 1)foggers are the best weapon to penetrate deep under beds and furniture. 2) Prop up couch cushions etc to allow fumes to penetrate. 3) Any fogger used should have an Insect Growth Regulator in it. It will be listed as this on the label. If it does not, you will not have the desired kill you are expecting. 4) Successful treatment requires a second fumigation 3-4 weeks after the first treatment to kill new fleas that are hatching.

Flea facts:

  • One female flea can lay up 100 eggs daily
  • Bubonic Plague was spread via the flea
  • Fleas cause tape worms in humans and animals as well as the cause for may debilitating disease in our pets including certain tooth/gum diseases and anemia via blood parasite passed along by biting fleas
  • Fleas can cause serious skin conditions in our pets like hot spots and allergies
  • They are "just gross"

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