Preventing Fleas, Ticks, Worms, and Heartworm with Your Lafayette Veterinary Clinic

Parasites are not just pests—they can also spread disease. Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms have no place on or in your dog or cat. Luckily, modern parasite treatments are very effective. Here at Animal Care Hospital, your Lafayette veterinary clinic, we offer the best service to help you choose preventative treatments for your pets.

parasite prevention from your veterinarian in Lafayette

Symptoms of Parasites

Most people are familiar with the itching that comes with flea bites on their dog or cat. Pets that are allergic to flea bites may be very itchy even if there are no visible fleas because it only takes one bite to trigger their allergy. However, pets without allergies, especially cats, may not appear to have fleas unless there is a very heavy infestation.

Ticks usually have no symptoms. The tick-borne diseases they carry can have many different symptoms, but the ticks themselves are usually apparent only when they are visible on your pet. Ticks can attach in areas such as between the toes, where you may not see them unless you are looking.

Intestinal worms frequently cause gastrointestinal upset, but they may have no symptoms. In most cases, your puppy or kitten will have acquired intestinal worms from their mother and will need to be treated. Adults may be exposed to the environment. Tapeworms are transmitted by your pet ingesting a flea. The small moving rice-like segments on the outside of your pet's bowel are often the only sign.

Heartworm has no symptoms until it is relatively advanced. Preventatives are recommended by our vet to keep heartworms away, especially in warm climates like Louisiana, where the condition is very common. If your dog does have heartworm symptoms, they may have an intermittent cough and become tired easily when exerting themselves.

Not all Heart worm preventatives are working properly anymore. Call us to find out if your pet is on an acceptable Heart worm preventative product.

Parasite-Related Conditions

In many cases, the parasites themselves are only an annoyance, and the real problem is the conditions that they transmit. Fleas transmit tapeworms, ticks transmit Lyme disease, and mosquitoes transmit heartworm. There are many other conditions that parasites can give your dog or cat, as well. In many cases, these conditions can be passed on to humans.

Intestinal worms are a parasite that can be passed from dogs and cats to humans. In pets, low parasite loads of intestinal worms may have no apparent symptoms. However, in humans, these worms can wind up in dangerous parts of the body such as the eyes. Pets and people can get some of the same mosquito-borne diseases, and humans under certain conditions can contract heartworms.

Treatment for Parasite Prevention from Our Veterinarian in Lafayette LA

While most parasites can be treated, prevention is always better. Luckily, there are many treatment options available these days from your vet. Combination products that treat multiple types of parasites are available, as well as long-term treatments that do not have to be reapplied or given as often. Come talk to our veterinarian in Lafayette LA about the best choice in parasite prevention for your pet. Here at Animal Care Hospital, we provide caring service and professional treatment for your dog, cat, puppy, or kitten. Call us at (337) 981-0909 to make an appointment!


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